Teacup Tools / short docu

Short Documentation, 3:42 min, 2014
a project by Agnes Meyer-Brandis

“The Teacup Tools are an array of cybernetic teacups, adapting themselves to the realm of climate related sciences. The work appears as a multifunctional tool for the investigation of tiny micro clouds above tea, for communication and for tea drinking.
The tea and its clouds are made from anything falling from the sky: aerosols, litter, rain and mass data computation. It is literaly boiled by the calculations of the massive amount of collected data.
The sculptures have a nomadic quality. Like parasites they can be found next to aerosol* measurement stations, in parks, on streets, on rooftops or in the neighbourhood of research laboratories. The Teacup Tools call attention to the investigation of the invisible and borderless air and its aerosols* – tiny particles of organic and anorganic matter, with a major impact on cloud formation, crucial to weather and climate.

* Aerosol =„solution in air“ (ancient Greek „a-er“ = „air“; latin „solutus“ = „dissolved“).”

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